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Who Typically Hires a Limousine?

Who Typically Hires a Limousine?
Hiring a limousine is no longer a luxury reserved only for the wealthy. With the luxury transport industry growing steadily at the rate 1.7% annually, more citizens are now taking advantage of this unique opportunity to travel in luxury and style. 

A recent report published on the Australian Taxi and Limousine Transport industry by IBISWorld, showed that the revenue from the luxury car hire business, from 2008 to 2013, has grown to reach about $4.91 billion. Ricky Willianto, an analyst with IBISWorld, said that business people and flush consumers now prefer the convenience of luxury sedan transport (limousines) and silver service to traditional airport taxis and buses. In this article, we’ll be highlighting the typical consumers of limousine services and the reasons why they now prefer this exquisite and luxurious form of transportation. 

Wedding Limousines
Hiring of limousines for weddings now accounts for more than 50% of all non-business limousine rentals in the country. Most intending couples desire to have a trained chauffeur that will drive them from the wedding ceremony to the reception venue. This makes them feel very special and adds a touch of royalty and class to their wedding ceremony. 

In fact, limousine brands like Bentley, Rolls Royce, Cadillac, Ford and Hummer are among the most popular wedding limousines. And they are usually booked at least 3 to 6 months before the wedding. This is because early booking of wedding limousines gives intending couples a chance to have the best chauffeurs reserved for their special day.

Airport Travel Limos
Apart from weddings, another popular event that people hire limousines for is airport travel. Although business users account for majority of airport limo hire services. Some individuals, who want to give their special guests a treat, also hire limousines to pick up and drop off their guests at the airport. When limousines are used to drop off travellers at the airport, they start off their journey with a “first-class ticket”, even before they board their flight. This helps to relax the body and mind and minimize the effect of travel-related stress and fatigue.

Corporate Event Limousines
When large companies and corporations host big events, limousines are usually used to convey special guests, directors and other high profile invitees to the venue of the event. In addition, limousines are used to take guests to tourist attractions, dinner parties and to drop them off at their hotels. Most of the limousines used for corporate travel have special amenities that make them ideal for business and executive trips. 

For instance, passengers can enjoy free internet access, satellite TV, plug-ins for ipods and MP3 players. In addition, each limo usually has a fully stocked mini-bar, and high-tech entertainment gadgets such as flat screen TVs, plus a high quality sound system with sub-woofer speakers and surround-sound effects. A very roomy interior, with full leather seats and climate control, is also a regular feature in limos used for corporate travel.

That was a short discussion on some of the typical users of limousine hire services. Limousines offer most users an opportunity to enjoy unique comfort, luxury and privacy during special events and business trips. That is why limousines are now preferred to regular taxis and other traditional forms of private transportation.

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